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Food intolerance is characterized by difficulty in digesting some foods. Food has proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat compounds, and natural toxins that add to its taste and smell. A number of them may elicit signs of food intolerance. It's important to realize that food intolerance differs from an allergic reaction, where even a little bit of allergic food can lead to a slight to severe immune system reaction. Food intolerance typically develops slowly and may result if you eat too much of a certain food, too frequently. If you want to learn more about food intolerances and how they can impact your GI tract, contact a Specialists in Gastroenterology location near you to request a consultation. We offer treatment for food intolerances in St. Louis, MO and can help you and your loved ones manage this condition efficiently.

There are many signs that can occur from a food intolerance. Some of the most prevalent are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling under your eyes
  • Joint pain
  • Throwing up
  • Night sweats
  • Bloated stomach
  • Skin-related problems (like rashes and eczema)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Your food intolerance is specific to you and typically involves food that is normally safe for most other people. Several of the most frequent causes are:

  • A vast array of chemical substances, preservatives, and coloring agents used in processed food products
  • Certain naturally occurring compounds, such as preservatives
  • Items high in histamine (such as fermented or aged foods)
  • Insufficient amount of enzymes required for the breakdown of some foods
  • Salicylates in particular vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices
  • A number of foods, like kidney beans or chickpeas have a toxic effect if consumed raw

Our St. Louis, MO gastroenterology specialists can help you identify what food items might be triggering your intolerance.

The timing and type of symptoms can help differentiate an intolerance from an allergic reaction, while also helping to detect the cause of the food intolerance. Writing down detailed documentation of your eating habits and following symptoms helps recognize which foods could provoke these symptoms. Whenever the triggering food is determined, you are asked to temporarily remove it from your diet under your doctor's oversight. The Specialists in Gastroenterology GI specialists will then examine you for progress or betterment of discomfort. Following this, the supposed trigger is reintroduced into your diet to confirm the food intolerance.

If you are experiencing concerning symptoms that lead you to believe you may have an intolerance to a certain food, then it may be time to partner with a local gastrointestinal specialist. At Specialists in Gastroenterology, our providers will work with you to uncover the food triggering your food intolerance so you can return to your daily life, free of uncomfortable GI symptoms. If you would like to find out more regarding food intolerances and how they can be managed, contact one of our St. Louis, MO locations today.

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