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Colitis occurs any time the large intestine is swollen. C. difficile indicates clostridium difficile, commonly referred to as clostridioides difficile, and is a bacteria that can affect the body by causing problems in the GI tract. Thus, C. difficile colitis refers to a problem where bacteria invade your body and cause inflammation of the large bowel. If you or a family member is experiencing or suspects colitis, experienced GI providers at your nearest Specialists in Gastroenterology location are here to help. At our locations, we work hard to deliver you the latest in innovative care for C. difficile infections in St. Louis, MO. Please get in touch with one of our locations today to request a consultation.

Once the body becomes infected by the bacterial strain C. difficile, colitis will likely develop. These strains of bacteria are seen throughout the environment, such as in drinks, meat products, animal and human stool, soil, air, and others. The spores of the bacteria might spread through shared contact or in the air and could survive in a certain area for as long as several months. Once contaminated, a person could unknowingly swallow the spores and become sick with C. difficile bacteria. Any person can get a C. diff infection and, when infected, they could spread the sickness to other people, even if they are asymptomatic themselves.

Some people can get infected with the C. difficile bacterium and not become ill. Signs of C. difficile colitis could range from very mild to very serious. The most typical indicators of C. difficile colitis are:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Queasiness
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach tenderness or pain
  • Blood or pus in the bowel movements

If you experience any specific, or several of, these signs without relief, don't hesitate to reach out to a GI provider at a Specialists in Gastroenterology location near you right away. In the event of an urgent health situation, please contact 911 right away.

A C. difficile infection can generally be treated with antibiotic drugs that target the C. difficile bacterium. However, in more dire situations, surgery might be needed to remove the affected portion of the large bowel. You should speak to your St. Louis, MO GI specialist to determine the best treatment option for you. When left without treatment, this issue may cause complications such as extreme dehydration, kidney injury, toxic megacolon, and colon perforation. Severe situations can potentially turn fatal. If you have C. diff, seek help from a gastroenterologist right away.

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Although C. difficile colitis symptoms can range drastically from person to person, treatment to avoid the spread and avoid the risk of life-threatening harm to the colon is imperative. If you are seeking care for C. diff, we advise you to trust the talented provider in gastrointestinal care at your nearest Specialists in Gastroenterology. Contact our office to learn more about the treatment options for C. difficile infection in St. Louis, MO and the steps you can take to protect your gastrointestinal health.

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