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Approximately 104,000 cases of colon cancer are diagnosed in adults every year in the United States. To identify colon cancer in its earliest stage, the board-certified gastroenterologists at Specialists in Gastroenterology offer colon cancer screening services at the office in St. Louis, Missouri. The providers use advanced colonoscopy technologies to identify cancerous changes in your colon. They also participate in industry stool testing clinical trials to reduce your risk for colon cancer and its spread. To schedule a colon cancer screening, call or book an appointment online today.

Colon Cancer Screening Q & A

What is colon cancer screening?

A colon cancer screening test is a diagnostic test that looks for signs of cancer in your colon, or large intestine, even if you don’t have symptoms of the disease.

Colon cancer begins in your colon, usually as non-cancerous growths known as polyps. Over time, these polyps can become cancerous and increase your risk for gastrointestinal complications.

The goal of colon cancer screening is to identify suspicious polyps before they turn cancerous so your gastroenterologist can remove them. 

Early identification of colon cancer increases the likelihood that treatment will successfully eliminate cancerous tissue and prevent the spread of cancer to other areas of your body.

When do I need a colon cancer screening test?

You should schedule routine colon cancer screenings after you turn 45. You might need screenings sooner if you have risk factors for colon cancer, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or a family history of colon cancer.

Specialists in Gastroenterology can determine when you need your first colon cancer screening and how often you should schedule additional screenings based on your existing health and your personal and family medical history.

What is involved in a colon cancer screening?

To identify risk factors for colon cancer or precancerous polyps in the lining of your colon, Specialists in Gastroenterology offers in-office testing like:

Stool tests

Stool tests can identify blood or other chemicals in your stool that might be an indication of colon cancer or advanced polyps. Specialists in Gastroenterology partners with industry clinical research trials that evaluate stool samples for the purpose of colon cancer screening.


Colonoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a flexible tube with an attached camera to get a closer look at the lining of your colon and your rectum to identify precancerous polyps.

During a colonoscopy, your provider can remove a sample of tissue from your colon to test it for cancer or remove the entire polyp to treat cancer.

Based on the results of your colon cancer screening, your provider can determine if you need further testing or treatment to protect you from colon cancer complications.

To schedule a colon cancer screening, call Specialists in Gastroenterology or book online today.