RLS Patient Experiences



At my last visit you advised me to change the time I take my LDN from morning to evening. I have been taking it at 9:00pm since 12/28. I have noticed a big difference: I no longer feel restless legs, I have less muscle aches, and my digestion system is better. My rash is still present and itching. It's only been two weeks since I changed the time at which I take the LDN. You thought you might increase the dosage depending on improvements. Thank You, R.M.

Suzanne's restless legs syndrome (RLS) interfered significantly with her sleep, and her husband's as well. Pain, cramping, and the need to move her legs during the night created a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation resulting in severe fatigue during the day. When Suzanne started taking LDN, her symptoms stopped and she now sleeps soundly at night and is able to be productive during the day. Her husband says he is so happy with the outcome, he could kiss the doctor who suggested LDN!

Click here to read Suzanne's story and watch a short YouTube video of her experience.

I am also very grateful for the medication [LDN] you prescribed for my restless leg syndrome. It is wonderful not to struggle to sleep due to this condition. Although I still have a hard time sleeping, it is not because of the RLS. I do not know if I have to take this medication for the rest of my life or not, but it is truly working! AW, Illinois

"The LDN remains the best thing that has ever happened to me. I continue to be well for the first time in my life." Anonymous

Initial results from Xifaxan (as with 2 dosages left in the course). Averaging 8-9 hr sleep. No longer "as" tired as prior, no naps. This is a great positive. Thanks JB

I have slept every night for the last month – for the first time in 24 years my legs did not keep me awake. B.B.

I am amazed - after 10 days of the Xifaxan, not only was my RLS and bloating better, but my rosacea and pimples cleared up. D.L. 

After the SIBO treatment my life with RLS is so much better – it’s like night and day. After 5 days of the Xifaxan my legs stopped moving and for the first time in months I was able to stay in bed all night. R.P.

My RLS is all but gone. I am sleeping – I have no fatigue in the AM. No need for coffee! M.S.

I used to be like a walking zombie. No longer. D.L.

Thank you for curing my restless legs syndrome. C.K.

I discontinued the use of Xifaxan (for approximately three months) because I was experiencing longer periods of no RLS events and the cost associated with the medication. Approximately a month-ago my RLS returned with a vengeance although I continue to take Requip. A week ago I resumed taking Xifaxan every other day and have had no RLS occurrences. Thanks. W.S.