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Dining Out: The IC-Smart Way

Plan ahead

Before making plans to eat at a restaurant, it' s a good idea to check online or call ahead to ask about the menu. This will enable you to enjoy your meal and feel good afterward, too!

When ordering your meal

  • Ask questions
    • Ask your waiter what spices are used in particular dishes
    • If you are unsure of an ingredient, ask what it is
  • Modify your selection
    • It's your meal-don't be afraid to specify how you would like it prepared
    • When ordering a salad, tell the waiter no onions
    • Substitute a plain baked potato for a spicy rice combination
    • Ask for salad dressings and other possible "trigger" items to be served "on the side"
  • Be careful with spicy foods
    • Pay attention to the type of cuisine you eat. Different cuisines may contain spices that you may be unfamiliar with
  • Know your "IC-Smart" menu choices
    • Most restaurants offer plain (not marinated) steak and chicken
    • Some chain restaurant foods may contain preservatives