Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis


What is diverticulosis?
Diverticulosis is the condition of having diverticula or out pouching of small pockets of the wall of the colon. Generally there are no symptoms associated with diverticulosis per se. Complications of diverticulosis include perforation and bleeding.


What is diverticulitis?
Diverticulitis occurs from a perforation of diverticula. If there is a large perforation, then peritonitis occurs and surgery is required. Antibiotics can be used when there is a small perforation causing abdominal pain with or without fever.


How common are these disorders?
Diverticulosis occurs very frequently – 50% of people 50 years of age, 60% of people 60 years of age and so on. Only a small proportion of people with diverticulosis go on to have diverticulitis or bleeding.

How are complications of diverticulosis prevented?
The complications of diverticulosis may be prevented with increased dietary fiber intake.